04 juin 2010

then the injury

young eyes always bathed in light yellow in daylight -MBT Shoes Clearance not at dusk, is a day. Our youth scars to prove that we really try, former innocence has been quietly buried, we are gazing at the horizon with a mature expression: it is an earth-shaking ... ... at the end of time, planted in our name. Tell you that our youth will be other forever.

Postscript: later occurred, I wrote in the diary. Youth, then the injury. Lost youth, shed all busy.
that summer she was 17 years old, living in the country's grandmother, half for the summer half of the painting.

It was a beautiful place, though very remote, but simple and sincere. Met him in a evening, she hid the oldest tree in the village parasol tree secretly fellows, is the famous "Jasmine\Then soon as next to chuckle, she turned to see him, standing nearby, thin, a Ren Xiao expression, extremely funny.

she suddenly You Xiuyou angry, white at him, turned and ran, and to uphold the air all night. Chen Jiaqi the harmonica to learn well the original, so that the students who always laugh at her surprise, the plan has been found easily, or a stealthy guy.

next morning opened the door, she heard a "hey" bang, then throw a ball of paper to her. Looking up, the last that thin figure has been flying away. She picked up the ball of paper, the above was written with a ballpoint pen yesterday, blowing her song what is wrong and correct way.

her face burning up examinations were disadvantages as itMBT Shoes Sale was face to face uncovered, pique threw the ball of paper, and a mountain to teach her children what basis? Think and then picked up according to practice the above words thin. His writing is indeed justified, and that careless, she used to experience less of the nuances.

Since then, she and he have formed a tacit agreement between: Every evening she went to the old fellows under the Indus, he is not far away Listen, sometimes blowing on the harmonica out a new song , the next morning there is a ball of paper on the stone bench in front of her house.

under his guidance, her Qinji rising. How she fail to see how a child will have the mountains so high musicianship, she never asked him, as if an opening between the two that will destroy the pure state. An entire vacation, she and he had not said a word face to face.

in her last under the old Indus after blowing song finished, did not immediately leave, she felt vaguely what should happen. Sure enough he came over and stood behind her. She said: "Tomorrow morning we should go back, and grandmother to come along, participate in college entrance examination next year, may not be coming here later." Her head bowed, as if to himself, but my mind was expecting anything.

paused, he said: "Next year I will participate in college entrance examination, I am writing to you since you left it." She is still head down, did not say lines also did not say impossible. He added: "Put your address to me." She turned around slightly, looked at him boldly, Discount MBT Shoesand he looked at her silently, very calm and peaceful look in his eyes, she did not find any she would like to see. She hung his head with some disappointment, a different kind of self-esteem so she said nothing and went away.

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